Who We Are · About the Library Foundation

Missy Hendon DetersWith a proud smile, I am delighted to tell people that it took me 44 years to find my perfect career—as Executive Director of The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Foundation. The Library Foundation was created in 2004 by some very wise, passionate library lovers who wanted to ensure that funds would be available to continue all the fantastic programs being provided by the library.

Our Library network has 40 branches throughout Hamilton County, which are affiliated with our Main Library downtown. Last year, 496,219 people attended 23,178 free programs. Tax dollars do not support the total costs of these programs, so private donations and grants are vital to their continuation.

Fundraising for the Library Foundation can definitely be challenging. With the economy in its current state, donors are more selective in their charitable gifts, and donors find their passion for a charity determines their choice of giving. Fortunately, the Cincinnati community realizes the importance of our libraries and has been very generous. We have many fundraising options to raise funds large and small. As I always say, “Every single dollar counts and they all add up.”

Being the first Executive Director of the Library Foundation has made for a career of great challenge but with so much reward. There are no blueprints to follow and every day is new and exciting as I continue to meet our new donors and realize how much the Public Library has meant to them or their loved ones during their lifetime.
Melissa Hendon Deters