What We Do · Memorial Donations

The Library is deeply grateful to the generosity of our community and welcomes gifts of all sizes.  Your donations are essential to ensuring delivery of excellent Library services and the availability of the widest possible range of information resources for all ages.   

Please click here for a complete list of gifts received between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Please click here for a complete list of gifts received between Jan. 1 2018 and Dec. 31 2018.  In addition, the Library Foundation received the following memorial tributes and pet memorials during 2018:  

Memorials and Tributes

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Amato in memory of Ripley Ruffner-Weaver

Antone Baioni in honor of Dave and Holly Poissant

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Bedree in memory of Jerome B. Kernan

Daniel Bellomo in honor of Lanaya Bellomo

Colette Brehm in memory of Beth Wittich

Joanna Brown in honor of Dr. Susan Gregson and Dr. Frank Ridgeway

Carol Burnett in honor of Loveland Branch Staff

Kassy Corken in honor of Betty's Special Birthday

Julie Courtney in memory of Emma Elizabeth McCoy

Kimberly Dechert in honor of Susan Brynteson

Joan Deener in honor of Anne Sawyer

Joseph Dehner and Noel Julnes-Dehner in honor of Kimber Fender's Retirement

Holly and Todd DeRosa in memory of Patricia Payne

Patricia A. Dissett in memory of Mary Blum

Anita L Freeman in honor of The Paul Linden Family

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Gores in honor of Margaret H. Gores

Judith Green and Tom McDonough in honor of Karen Zaugg

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Hardie in memory of Clifford Hardie

Don Hild in memory of Geraldine Hild

Lynn Himburg in memory of George Scanlon

Walter C. Hulon in honor of Julia St. Pierre

Mia Hutchinson-Shaw in honor of Miss Bennet Cast and Crew at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

J K Krupp in memory of Gurbachan Singh

Shirley Kruse in memory of Betty Dolle

Richard Lautenslager in memory of Jo Ann Lautenslager

Dr. Duane Lewis in memory of George E. Furguson

Leigh E. Lies in honor of Elia and Weston Lies

Madisonville Roundtable Book Club in memory of Bob Naugle

Lindsay Nichols in honor of Effie Schehl

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Pichler in honor of Joe and Mary Stern

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in memory of Patricia M. Mulllen

Mary Ann Rack in memory of Mark Potee

Anthony J. Rein in honor of Gertude Gura

Monique Rothschild in honor of Kimber Fender's Retirement

Marlene Ryan in honor of Xolti Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Schoen in memory of Ruth Schoen-Cienek

Stephanie Sepate in memory of Barbara Wanstrath

Stephanie Sepate in memory of Mary (Bruce) Reed

Ann Shinkle in honor of Raymond J. Hils

David B. Siders in memory of Adam Canter

Patricia W. Slavey in memory of James H. Slavey

Robert A. Smith in memory of Bob Klosterman

Gerri S. Strauss in memory of Tony Strauss

Sharon B. Stuard in honor of Diane Wright

Ashley Tubb in honor of Iris and Miles Cavitt's seventh birthday

Nadja Turek in honor of Alan Heitner

William W. Victor in memory of Charlie Anness

Dr. and Mrs. David Wiltse in memory of Eugene P. Ruehlmann

Nancy Windes in memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Windes

Sharon Adair, John Ahlrichs, Loretta Brenkert, Ervin Cable, Katie Chao, Ray Clarke, Cathi Dahl, Betty Dandrea, Anthony and Tracey Dow, Rosa Eakins, Phylllis and Mark Gronauer, Patricia and Michael Hollstegge, Eugene and Nancy Jacob, Robbie Jennings Michels, Marie Ketterman, Rose Mary Lower, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lower, Jill McDavid, Julie Payne, Megan Pfaltzgraff, Lois Ross, Leslie Salka, Ms. Nancy D. Sauer, Mary Scheper, Patricia Simmons, Marilyn Simpson, Mary Sunderhaus and Jen Holthause, The John Sutter Family, DeAnne Vallo, Janice Vogeler, Mary Anne Wehrend, Barry Whitton, Todd Wright, Anthony and Wanda Yachnis, Communications Construction Group, LLC, Prince Telecom, LLC, Applied Imagination Ltd, Ervin Cable Construction, LLC, and TCS Communications, LLC in memory of Judith A. Dowd

Pet Memorials

Cathie Arnold in memory of Scampi, beloved pet of Shelly Sargent

Covedale Branch Library in memory of Charlie Kallmeyer, beloved pet of Karen Kallmeyer and in memory of Kia, beloved pet of Sheila Ward

Ginger and Pam Gandy in memory of Zoey, beloved pet of the Pascal Family

Kristen and Chris Gruber-Greene in memory of Belle, beloved pet of Nick and K. Sorrell

Carolyn Gutjahr in memory of Boo, beloved pet of Kevin, Jen, and Leah Quinn and in memory of Sophie, beloved pet of Suzy Quinn

Mary Ellen Kelley in memory of Gabby Goebel, beloved pet of Robert Goebel

Janet Langhorst in memory of Booey, beloved dog

Justin Martinelli in memory of Titus and Chase, beloved pets of Brooke Bolton

Sally Moffitt in memory of Jasper, beloved pet of Susan Cohen

Eileen Pieczona in memory of Flat-Coated Retrievers,  in memory of Juno, and in memory of Those Loving Fur-Babies

John R. Reusing in memory of Mia, beloved pet of Lauren Peters

Josh and Gwen Roth in memory of Brutus Malott, beloved pet of Ryan and Gina Malott

Joshua Roth in memory of Pat, beloved pet of Mike Sarow

Jenna Schmitz in memory of Quincy Young-Kanet, beloved pet of Jennifer Young and in memory of Leroy Lenning, beloved dog beloved pet of Patty Lenning

Jenna Thorn in memory of Darcy, beloved pet of Sharon and John Serra

John Voller in memory of Jonah, beloved dog