2015-2016 Writer-in-Residence Program

The Library Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Writer-in-Residence program.

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Torch Society

Consider a planned gift that will offer ways for you to substantially increase your support of the Library Foundation and achieve your financial goals and family objectives at the same time.

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passing the

For more than 150 years, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has been an essential public resource contributing to millions of personal success stories and to the success of the community. Our legacy of innovative programs, embracing technology and reach beyond our walls to serve our community has been a glowing example of excellence, admired by other communities throughout the nation.

the fires

It's easy to think of libraries as places and things: buildings, shelves, books, computers, CDs, DVDs, etc. But the truth is, libraries are so much more. For many of us, libraries were among the first places where we connected to ideas bigger than ourselves. Where we heard stories, researched subjects, discovered new material and let our imaginations take us to places beyond our situations. Whether we knew it or not, libraries were lighting the fire and feeding the burning drive to do, see and be something more.